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Solid Foundations

Rural England.. Warwickshire.. Bedfordshire.. the Pytchley

The sounds of the hunt and the church bells.. the horses, the dogs, the countryside.

Of rivers and fields.

Farming, Pony club

Village stores - Spring Fair - Cricket

The ironmongery, The stonemason and the cobblers.


A time of babbling brooks, minnows and newts.. endless summer days.. harvest, birdsong, butterflies and grasshoppers, fruit picking.

Nana trained horses, raised on a chicken farm she bred labradors and we would await her return from Kenya each year from where she would be on safari studying the behaviour of the native African wildlife. An inspirational lady.

My Aunt bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Kenya

Dad bred Yorkshire terriers and we grew up with mum, rescuing German shepherds (mum is working - a Master Dog Trainer, Obedience Specialist, Teacher and a judge of the Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Award Scheme since it's beginning) .


Lucky enough to be born into a family where education and training were key, & when apprenticeships taught the skills of a trade.

My kennel-maid duties involved cleaning out the boarding kennels first thing and then catering for the resident Tervuren Shepherds... Foundations to working with dogs started with the hard work, dirt and early hours back then - (not a couple of hours on a computer getting a piece of paper to certify that you can read what someone else discovered, as happens nowadays)


Canine Cognition, - Biology, - Welfare, Behaviour and Training were my passion and formed my academic studies.


My own dogs over the years - Shepherds. - King, Katie, Tara, Bruno, Alfie, - Labradors Mollie, Ben, and then a succession of Springers (and previously a breeder, inc Campbell Almond Brae- Crufts Demonstrator) since the 90's

Socrates (Sox), Bootsie, Cupar and Balfour


To remain up to date, and educated in the industry, I have a vast collection of Higher academic qualifications CANINE COGNITION - plus many papers - diploma and certification which support the wealth of experience and expertise that come with a lifetime of hands-on Training and Behaviour modification.


Passing over invitations for TV and Radio, my speciality remains with my passion for the sporting group breeds that are kept as companion dogs ..the drives, the arousal, the gameness, the steadiness and the intelligence ..

Nothing gives more satisfaction than seeing any dog achieve something that once stood in its way.


The picture .. My  Great Grandma ..looking very 'Nora Batty'

Experience & Expertise

Since 1982

RCDTBP Registration Council for Dog Trainers & Behaviour Practitioners

ID no. (RS16-L07)

ICB Conduct and Ethics, and CAWC 

International Canine Behaviourists (ICB)

The National Register of UK Dog Trainers and Behaviourists

On top of a full apprenticeship and previously gained high academic qualification in the field of Advanced Canine Behaviour - Comparative Cognition,

Our updated and most recent completed studies, attended seminars /webinars, courses, refresher courses and training include:

Adrianne Beattie CPDT, CCEDip.Ad.can.bhv.prac, RCDTBP



DIP Advanced Dog Behaviour PracDip. Psychology & Behaviour

Dip. Canine Aggression

Dip. Complete Canine Psychology

Cert. Canine Behaviour interpreted 2010

Cert. A History of Dog Training 2011

Cert. Aggression in Dogs 2012

WEB. Aggression in Dogs

Cert. Study of the Communication of Domestic Dogs.

Cert. The Truth About Wolves & Dogs 2012

Cert. Taking a fresh look at the Dominance Theory 2012

Cert. Applied Canine Behaviour and Training 2012

Cert. Aggression in Dogs 2012

DIP. Aggression in the domesticated dog

Cert. 25 Years of study of the Behaviour of Domestic Dogs.

Cert. Taking a fresh look at the Dominance Theory

Cert. A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behaviour and Evolution.

Cert. Canine Ethology..A study

SEM. cert. The Responsibilities of Aggression Cases

Dip. Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and Cognition 2013

Cert. The Behavioural Biology of Dogs

Cert. Canine Stress - The companion dog.

Cert. Taking a fresh look at the Dominance Theory 2013

Cert. The Fearful Canine..fears and phobias 2014

Cert. Comparative Canine Psychology 2014

Cert. Canine Cognition and Emotions 2015 - Duke University

Cert. The Science of Canine Behaviour 2015

SEM. The Science of Canine Emotionality Robert Falconer-Taylor 2015

WEB. Dog Emotion and Cognition - The Family Dog Project 2015

Dog Behaviour and Training

Canine Aggression Diploma level 5/5

Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma level 5/5

Animal Behaviour & Welfare - University of Edinburgh

* DIPLOMA CCE Canine Behaviour (CCEDip.Can.Bhv.)

IANLPC - International Association of NeuroLinguistic Programming & Coaching

IAHT- International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

* DIPLOMA CCE Canine Communication






* DIPLOMA CCE Canine Communication


* DIPLOMA IANLPC Canine Communication

* DIPLOMA Advanced Canine Communication IAHT


* Emergency Canine First Aid Certificate Rhodes 2 Safety

* CCE Diploma Companion Canine Bereavement Counselling



* CCE Dog Training Diploma CPDT.

* Iaht Diploma DOG TRAINING (Dip.dgtrn)

''Dog Emotion & Cognition'' Certificate

Dr. Brian Hare

Duke University

The Dog Emotion & Cognition Team - Coursera

Web. - Illis ABC Animal Behaviour Consultancy - ''Better Relationships - Happier Animals'' Course

Sem. - "STOP Dog Attacks"


Web. - "How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby"


Biting & Fighting

Dr.Ian Dunbar PhD

Cert. Crucial Concepts of Dog Behaviour

Dr. I. Dunbar PhD

Basic Emergency First Aid

Basic Emergency First Aid

Advanced Emergency First Aid (including dog

bites/and underlying medical conditions)

Diploma. Canine Nutrition Professional Accreditation CMA Registered with the CMA Complementary Medical Association - (internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners)

Certified by the International Association of NLP & Coaching and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists


Negative punishment Negative Reinforcement and the humane hierarchy. . Academy for Dog Trainers

Udemy.. Inside Your Dogs Mind - Victoria Stilwell

The Neurobiology of Trauma – What’s Going On In the Brain When Trauma is Experienced ?

The Hormonal Response to Trauma and How It Affects Brain Function

The Part of the Brain That Activates the Freeze Response

Epigenetics and Trauma: How Trauma Affects Gene Expression

The Two Hormones That Disrupt Memory During Traumatic Events

How Trauma Can Affect the Body’s Vulnerability to Inflammatory Disease


 web/cert The Neuroscience of Traumatic Memory


 WLC Cert Business, Information, Guidance & Advice


2020 Dip Animal Welfare

2020 Dip Canine First Aid

2020 Dip Zoology

2020 Dip NLP Foundation Skills



Theory, Terminology & Philosophy.

Practical Application & Behavioural Principals

Pointings Dogs - an Overview

HPRs The All Purpose Shooting Dogs


Professional Dog Training & Canine Behaviourist Organisation


Train Pet Dog



COE Centre of Excellence


BritishColleges Canine Studies

Animal Behaviour Associates

Nat.Ass. Dog Obedience Instructors

Police checked, Full Enhanced Disclosure Scotland

IAHT- International Alliance of Holistic Therapists


The Open University

International Association of NeuroLinguistic Programming & Coaching

Duke Univesity

Emory Univesity


I train dogs UK

The National Register of UK Dog Trainers and Behaviourists member

ICB  and CAWC 

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