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Enquiry Form/Contact us & How to Pay


You can appreciate that working with dogs is not something easily done with a phone in your hand...  We don't answer calls or monitor voice messages.

Leave a written message

We will try our hardest to get back to you within 24 hours

By leaving a written message we will have a record of any information we may need at any time later.


We respond to enquiries sent by a messenger service a lot faster.

or contact us by


Text or Facebook messages.


Find us 

On Instagram as



07787 402 759

(phone calls are not monitored - leave written messages 


Text, Messenger, Facebook messages, WhatsApp



Adrianne Beattie


By booking our services it is agreed that you have read, understand and are happy with our terms and conditions, or dont really care. : )

for a copy please ask.


We draw your attention to our rights to use any footage or images taken during the session for purposes of promotion and education both privately or publicly.


Sadly due to an increasing number of missed appointments which carry losses to us, we now only take bookings accompanied by payment - unless we can see you sooner, payments must be made within a week of the appointment, so that we can offer the appointment to others should you not proceed.


Rescheduling/transfer of payment will only be possible if the notice is given with more than 2 calendar days prior to the original appointment.


Refunds will not be provided under any circumstances to compensate for preparation time and business loss. 


Due to high demand, we cannot hold an appointment without payment.


We reserve the right to decline to work with certain breeds of dog where contacting another trainer with specialist knowledge of that breed would benefit your you and your dog better.


Get in touch

After booking an appointment, you can pay for a service here...

(click here)

Payments can also be made by Bank Transfer, or a Cash payment/cleared funds


Costs vary and the prices differ from trainer to trainer ..sadly not always based upon experience 


A good trainer should cost around £40-60* per hour. More if their facilities are outstanding and the use of live game is involved.


Most will be over generous with their time and provide support outwith the session too . Some may charge travel costs

We charge by the session, which is generous as some sessions are 90mins and other can be three hours.

We do weekends which limits our time on the field, and weekends are always most popular so expect a longer waiting list if you cannot find a time in the week.

We fill morning sessions first as this can allow for us to look after another client the same day if both sessions are the smaller ones, however the location training sessions are longer and more tiring so we can only offer one a day.

Unless you are training for competition, 4 or 5 sessions, with time between to practice, should set you up with some foundations... ready for you to take it from there.


Behavioural work is far more specialist ..think of as you would getting a car serviced.. it takes not just specialist knowledge, handling expertise and breed knowledge but years of experience in the field of the issue. So expect a higher charge rate. 


* Our Training Prices haven't changed since 2019 .. Some trainers may have put prices up rightly and accordingly...



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