- Canine Behaviour Consultants - West Lothian

Home Check Service  
Re-homing your own dog or puppies
Professional Home checks for prospective new homes carried out
Including Advice and Reports     
Accompanied vet visits                           

Accompanied dog walker session      
Detailed reports                    

Canine Bereavement Counselling                    

Third Party Reports                                                                    Reports as confirmation of progress or
Behavioural assessment reports can be provided after 
working with your dog 
These may be useful for proof of training or for Rescue Organisations if you are choosing to surrender
your dog.
Reports may be requested either by yourself or by your
solicitors..(may be covered by legal aid if qualified)        



tricks to teach reward-your-dog better-relationship-with-my-dog leave-my-dog-alone-with-interactive toys retrain-my-dog-s-recall stop my dog barking in the garden Can I train my deaf dog Coping with fireworks Could play biting lead to trouble Cure for a fear of children Do children need to be a certain age to control a dog? he pulls on the lead my dog barks at everything Has my dog lost his toilet training My dog destroys things instead of barking my dog doesn't like me My dog doesn't want to stop playing Help! My dog is afraid of the dark Help! My dog is obsessed with squirrels! Help! My dog is obsessed with toys! Help! My dog is obsessed with water Help! My dog is out of control! Help! My dog is scared of stairs Help! My dog says hello to everyone Help! My dog steals toys Help! My neighbour's dog is a nightmare! Helping a dog with separation House-training an adult dog How can I bond with my dog? How can I build up my dog's confidence How can I cure my dog's food aggression? How can I cure my dog's noise phobia How can I discourage stop my dog's licking? How can I get my dog back on his lead? How can I get my dog to be gentler with my cat How can I handle a fearful dog? How can I help my dog behave in the car? How can I keep my blind dog stimulated? How can I make it easier for my dog to meet other dogs when on his lead How can I stop my dog licking the car window How can I stop my dog rolling in poo How can I train my dog to wee in one place How do I get my dog to let go release a fetched ball How do I improve my rescue dog's recall How do I introduce my dog to a new baby? How do I stop him pulling How do I stop him running towards other dogs How do I stop my dog barking at other dogs? How do I stop my dog from escaping? How do I stop my dog jumping up? How do I stop my dog lunging at traffic How do I stop my dog stealing? How do I stop my dog's embarrassing habit? How do I stop problem barking? How do I teach my dog to be calm around visitors? I can't walk my dog because he's too excited Improving my training Is clicker training easy Is my child safe around my dog? Making my dog come when called My dog barks when I'm not there. What can I do? My dog chews the post My dog cocks his leg on furniture My dog constantly wants to play! My dog goes crazy at other dogs! My dog goes crazy before a walk Possessive over toys Recalls with distractions Teach your dog to let go after retrieving Teaching my dog to toilet Teaching your dog to sit The lead makes my dog aggressive! walking a reactive Unwanted mounting Introducing the lead Why does my dog attack my other dog when he sees a cat? Why does my dog bark at animals on the TV? Why does my dog bark at our baby? Why does my dog bark in the car Why does my dog bark through the night? Why does my dog bark? Why does my dog bite me? Why does my dog go mad at everything? Why does my dog hate motorbikes? Why does my dog hate our garden shed? Why does my dog hate the sound of our doorbell? Why does my dog lick the dishwasher? Why does my dog mount his bed? Why does my dog only respond to treats? Why does my dog prefer the floor to his bowl? Why does my dog run off in the park? Why does my dog shred her beds Why does my dog try to chew his foot? Why does she cower from other dogs? Why doesn't my dog like walking at night? Why has my dog become terrified of people? Why has my dog started toileting at night Why is my dog fixated on bikes? Why is my dog nervous on walks? Why is my dog possessive Why is my dog refusing to walk Why is my dog scared of cars? Why is my dog scared of the kitchen? Why will my dog only eat with someone standing next to him? Why won't my dog share with other dogs Why won't my dog walk on her lead taf TAF T&F TURN AND FACE practitioner in scotland taf practitioner in west lothian trainer that does taf near me

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