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Dog Training 

Training Skills and Poor Behaviour Prevention

Speak to us about your training needs or fill out the enquiry form and we will provide you with a copy of our comprehensive puppy and dog training schedule.

As independent specialist trainers, our training covers far more than training classes can cover and is tailored to both you and your dogs skills and weaknesses

Don't forget to look at our videos on you tube.. You won't find guides on how to train or change behaviour because every dog and situation is unique.. But there are some Before & After clips and clips of all the hard work that goes on in between.
You'll find bits of our own dogs too as they have trained from puppy to adult.. You'd be daft to hire a professional without seeing their work first. 

Click the link below to go to our you tube channel


 We Are based in Law Village, Carluke and welcome you to join us in the village, or at locations

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Dog Training Holidays.. Also available if you are not nearby
see our Services and Fees page

For training that requires, home visits, Adrianne can come out to you for coaching around areas of West Lothian, North Lanarkshire & South Lanarkshire 

Training Offer - Mini Sessions

Private Mini - training sessions held in Law Village Park only,  
Parking next to the Primary School, Lawhill Road.


Message us to arrange your appointment 

Training Offer - Recall 

My dog returns when called... Except when he sees other dogs.. people,  etc.. 

How To Train Your Dog To Come Back Around Distractions

Teaching your dog to come back to you is probably one of the most important things you could train
Saying your dog has a great recall when you cannot call him away from other dogs is not really a good recall. 

A good recall is one that happens around cars, roads, animals, people, cats, dogs etc and only when you are confident that he can be called away from other dogs should he be let off the lead.

If your dog bounds up to another dog that is on the lead to say hello, it might be that the other dog is on the lead for a very good reason. It might be that the other dog is so frightened he might use his teeth to make your dog go away

Taking your dog to classes as a puppy and expecting him to be trained for the real adult world is a little unrealistic. 

Spend a morning out on a recall training session with us for £80

The session cover:
Whistle returns
Impulse control
Leash walking
Sit Stays / Down Stays
Adding distance to recall
Adding distractions
Handling skills

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