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By booking our services it is agreed that you have read, understand and are happy with our terms and conditions for a copy please ask.

A 50% non - refundable  deposit is required to book
Deposits are non-refundable and only transferable if we are given 48 hrs notice

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07787 402 759
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As we cannot answer calls when we are working with dogs, for the quickest response ..Please leave messages by Text, Messenger or Email
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Gift Certificates are available to purchase, and can be adapted to most services that we offer.

Get in touch to find out about purchasing a Gift Certificate

As professional, experienced, qualified canine behaviour consultants, We can only help a certain number of people per week. A behavioural session, for example, typically lasts 4 hours or more in your home after and travel, we then spend a number of hours on reports and notes after your session  So once someone has requested a consultation, that means that we need to put aside at least 7 hours of the day for them

 Depending on the location, and the timing of the appointment, by booking that session, it can make us unavailable for any other paid work that day.

Often we are creating appointments for people on the basis of them being able to all get together, booking decoy helpers and dogs - so often it can be challenging to find a time which works for everyone we are to see, and fits in with our schedule too. Some clients have had to wait several weeks to have an agreed time slot, due to the nature of their lifestyles, and availability in my diary.

Sadly, not everyone is as motivated as each other to get help with their dogs, and in the past people booked us in, and then called to cancel the day of the appointment, because they’ve decided to re-home the dog, or it’s been “behaving a bit better lately” (although we have also had clients who’ve almost cancelled for that reason, then during the consultation repeated how pleased they were that they went ahead, as they didn’t realise how much they didn’t know).
On more than one occasion, we have turned up to a 'no-show', (no one at home)

We therefore do not refund the deposit and these are only transferable if the cancellation is made within less than 48 hours of the appointment

Thank you for your understanding

 By booking our services it is agreed that you have read, understand and are happy with our terms and conditions

 for a copy please ask.

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