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Certified and Accredited Canine Bereavement Counselling 

Certified and Accredited Canine Nutritionist

West Lothian, Wishaw & Motherwell.

We have over 30 years of experience in helping dogs to cope with problems  - not punishing them for having problems

There are three areas of 'challenges' that we need to address when working with dogs -
Training - Behaviour - Temperament 

                                    07787 402 759

Specialists in Aggression,
 + 30 Years Experience

Stress and Fear, Nervous dogs, Phobias. Reactivity, Anxiety

RCDTBP  Registration Council for Dog Trainers & Behaviour Practitioners
 ID  no. (RS16-L07)

Contact us by email, text, Facebook Messages or phone message - or fill out our enquiry form...
When we are with clients, we don't answer calls, so its best to contact us by some form of message - we endeavour to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours

Qualified, Experienced and Professional Canine
Behaviour Consultants & Canine Coaching for over 30 years


 There may on occasion be situations that can be addressed from our premises in Bathgate.

''We've tried everything''  don't leave professional behavioural health advice as the last option. If you see a problem developing get in touch straight away.

Adrianne Beattie is a full time, qualified and professional Canine Behaviour Consultant, the role is to help owners whose dogs are showing undesirable behaviour.

Our work is at the more pressurised end of canine coaching, and people come to us when things are at their worst - they have tried everything else...been to trainers, etc.. we have a wealth of qualified professional experience specialising in Aggression, Fears/Phobias, and Stress with
more than 30 years of professional working experience and up to date qualifications in modern methods,

We work with you, teach you to understand what is causing the behaviour, and explain and demonstrate how your dog will respond to the coaching methods that suit him best.. we teach you how to work with your dog.

Take a look at our Facebook page too for plenty of advice and articles. 

When we are with a client, we don't answer calls, so its best to contact us by some form of message -
fill out an enquiry form .. text .. email .. facebook messages .. facebook messenger ..  - we endeavour to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours



Some of the behaviour issues that we can help you with. 
Puppy Visits and Related Issues • One to One Dog Training • Dog to Dog Aggression • Dog to Human Aggression • Biting/Nipping Problems • Nervous Aggression • Fear Aggression • Excessive Barking • Pulling on the Lead • Jumping Up • Lunging at other dogs. Over Excitement with Visitors • Chewing/Destructive Behaviour • Nervous Behaviour inc . Fears and Phobias • Fear of Fireworks • Car & travel Problems • Recall Issues - Failing to Return •  Predatory behaviours * Separation Anxiety • Unruly Behaviour in the Home • Safety with Children • Obsessive & OCD behaviours * Control of Dogs Act * DDA *
Unlike most handlers - we are happy to work with 'type' dogs  *client confidentiality applied

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