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LOST & FOUND DOGS  (page under construction)

Please if you have a missing pet, register them firstly with your micropchip data company and also with, for free...even if long term missing.....the Halo microchip scanner is in many establishments and 'scanner angels' are gaining in numbers now.

When a registered LOST animal is scanned with an up to date Halo microchip scanner the animal will read as LOST along with their microchip number ... this is a chance to get the missing and long term missing reunited with their family even if the animal has been passed on by new owners.

PawManagement is a registered DogTrac ScanAngel 

What to do if your dog goes missing

If you have lost your dog, after searching, call the police on 101 to see if anyone has handed him/her in. 
Keep in touch with police regularly, as if they are busy, they may forget to let you know that your dog is with them. 
Call the dog warden at your local council office to let her /him know that your dog is missing and to ask if your dog has been picked up. 
(The dog warden may not be on duty at weekends or evenings.) 
Also call your local shelters and kennels to ask if your dog is there. 
If your dog is microchipped and is at the dog pound, you should be contacted to let you know your dog is with them. 
It could be next day before you are informed.

If your dog has no chip or collar and  ID tag, your dog can be rehomed after 7 days. There are always fees to pay if the dog is at the dog shelter, so pick your dog up ASAP. The longer your dog is there, the more it will cost you to get your dog out. 
If your dog is chipped, call the microchip company to let them know that your dog is missing. If your dog has been stolen, they will flag him/her up as stolen.

Next - get out posters in the area your dog went missing.

If you register your dog with  it automatically generates a poster on the dog's page for you to print off, or just make up your own one with, a photo of your dog, your contact details, where and when your dog went missing. 

Facebook is a great way of helping to find your dog, by sharing   Facebook lost and found pet pages like LostDogs-Scotland. 

Please remember that not everyone uses facebook

• Inform your national registration database.   
Ensure your contact details are up-to-date with  

• Register your details for free with

• Register your missing pet with as many online  
free organisations.

• Contact your local vets and charities as well as  police snd your local council animal warden.

• Ask neighbours to look out for your animal  
including looking in sheds and outbuildings.

• Put up posters in your area with a clear photo  
and description of the animal

What to do if you find a dog

If you ever find a stray dog that is not wearing a tag and need to get it scanned for a microchip, please contact your local ScanAngel        

Or if the vets are open you could take it along to a vet before handing it in to a police station  - or contact the local dog warden.

• If the animal has an identification tag, try        
contacting the owner.

• If you have found a dog, you must contact the local authority dog warden immediately and arrange for them to collect the dog. The dog warden will scan for a microchip to try and contact the owners.

• If the animal is injured, please take it to your nearest vet.

• If you know the microchip number of the animal you can look on the resources page of to see if its details are
known to them

If you find a stray dog and have managed to get hold of the dog to keep it safe, and it is evening or weekend when the dog warden is not on duty, please call police on 101 to let them know, and give them your details if you intend to keep the dog safe overnight. 
This is required by law. Otherwise, you will have to take the dog to a police station with kennels. 

When you call 101, they should be able to let you know which police station in your area is able to take in dogs. Some police stations have scanners and may be able to scan the dog for a chip, therefore getting the dog and owner reunited quickly.

If the dog is taken to a police station and his/her owner does not pick the dog up that day or night, the dog will be picked up by the dog warden the next day and taken to the pound/kennels on a weekday. 

If the dog has been handed into police at the weekend, the dog will stay there until Monday until the dog warden is available to pick up the dog. (Public holidays may differ).

It is always preferable and kinder to keep the dog in your home, in comfort overnight, if you can, rather than taking the dog to police station/kennels - but you must give your detals to police. This is the law.

Following this you can post details of the dog on our LostDogs-ScotlandFacebook page with the details of where the dog was found and where he/she is now. 
Posting a contact number is also very helpful so that owner can get in touch. The information will be shared with other Facebook users and posted on other lost and found pet pages to try and help locate the owner of the dog. ​Facebook is a great way of helping to find your dog, by sharing among friends and also on Facebook lost and found pet pages like LostDogs-Scotland

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