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"Help! I'm worried...

... "my dog jumped up at a visitor to my door and scared them/nipped/bitten them..."

... "my dog nipped at someone as they ran by him on a path..."

... "my dog has bitten someone who leaned over my garden gate to stroke them... "

... "my dog ran over to another dog on a lead and attacked it..."

The Control of Dogs act has changed, should someone make a valid complaint it will be investigated, you may be cautioned under the Control of Dogs Act.

Take precautions before the likelihood of this happening -  Don't wait until after the event.
If this has already happened and you have had a visit from the police, dog warden or need to go to court, an experienced behaviourist can assess your dog, and put in place a program to either address training needed or behaviour modification... as will be suggested. Show your commitment and that you take the issue seriously by making a start.

Book an assessment today.. Good Behaviour Consultants may have a small waiting list, especially for weekends and evening appointments   

Reports at every stage can be detailed to provide evidence of your commitment to resolving the issue and provide outlined details of progress made and steps taken.

Reports may be requested by your solicitor, your vet or yourself .

Our primary goal is to help people live safely with their dogs, and to keep dogs safe amongst humans. In almost all cases we work with you to recognise and avoid the triggers of biting and to address and change the motivation. Although biting behaviour can’t be “cured” and there are no guarantees, it is possible to change the dog’s behaviour and to live safely in most cases.

Some situations present significantly higher risks, & involve a dog who has bitten and broken skin in the past. In homes with small children for example, it simply may not be safe to live with a dog whilst the training program is being followed.
If a family decides that they cannot live with a biting dog, what are the options?
In some cases the dog can be rehomed, but this may not be a solution when the the next family is now put at risk. The dog is likely to be rehomed again, or surrendered to a rescue/rehoming shelter. ..this can be very dependent upon the type of aggression that the dog used.

The dog may experience a life of stress, under-stimulation and poor quality.


Dog Control Notice
An authorised officer of a local authority has the power to issue a 'Dog Control Notice' ('DCN') requiring you to 'bring and keep a dog under proper control'.

The grounds for serving a DCN being that the dog has been out of control on at least one occasion ie:-

  • a)  It is not being kept under control effectively and consistently (by whatever means)
  • b)  Its behaviour gives rise to (i) alarm, or (ii) apprehensiveness*, on the part of any individual, and
  • c)  The individual's alarm or apprehensiveness is, in all the circumstances, reasonable.

* 'apprehensiveness' can be regarding an individual's own safety, the safety of someone else or the safety of another animal.

The recipient of a DCN is obliged to advise the local authority of any change of address, have the dog microchipped and make sure that the dog is walked by a responsible adult who is aware of the DCN.

The DCN may specify conditions which can include:-

  • 1. Muzzling and/or on a lead when in public
  • 2. Neutering (if male)
  • 3. Exclusion from specified places
  • 4. Completing a training course with the dog
  • 5. Any other steps that would keep the dog under proper control

Breach of a DCN is an offence which can lead to:-

  • 1. A fine of up to £1,000
  • 2. A disqualification from having custody of a dog
  • 3. An order for the dog to be destroyed if the Court considers the dog is dangerous

See more here .. Control of Dogs

..and around livestock...


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