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Group Walks 

3rd June   Waterloo - Nth Lanarks



If you wish for your dog to be off leash there may be opportunities to do so.. we like dogs to be recalled upon seeing other venue users with children or dogs as a matter of good manners - alternatively once the walk is completed, perhaps stay and play with anyone willing for some off leash fun or even to use the opportunity keep working on any skills that you want to practice 

Some are wet and muddy so bring a towel and wear wellies or similar.
We carry a comprehensive first aid kit and are qualified in both canine and human first aid.

The walks will be about an hour and a half long or so, but you can join us for just part of the walk if you have a pup/older dog.

The next walks are; 

Greenhead Moss /Perchy Pond
WATERLOO,  Nth Lanarks 

Sunday 3rd June    10 am

Please do not just turn up unannounced  if we need to cancel - we won't know to inform you

Don't live close-by? 
Check out this list of professionals across
 the UK who offer group walking.

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Local authorities are aware of such events held by us and give consent for controlled walking groups. You remain responsible for your own dog at all times.

We are aware of other organised group dog walks in the area and would suggest that you are careful when considering using them, Any organised walks should be small, controlled and have regard for the general public at all times, a qualified responsible dog handler and a canine first aider should be present. Up to date knowledge of domestic canine behaviour is essential in the handler - even more so if dogs are to be off leash or advice on any training methods is given



Do you have a reactive dog...have you attempted to get him to make friends with others, your friends dogs etc.?
 " let's take them for walks together...they'll get used to each other "

This kind of training activity can make the behaviour worse not better. 

When you work to rehabilitate fear aggressive/nervous dogs it is important to make sure the dog is not pushed beyond what he can cope with. You would be putting him in to situations that he can't cope with yet.

Have you been trying to walk him closer to a friends dog and it seems to be going well ?
However, when you are out on other walks, he is still barking aggressively at other dogs ?

When you are with your friend and her dog, do you notice that they are avoiding making eye contact with each other - This is a conflict avoidance strategy by both dogs. Maybe your dog pulls away from the direction of your friends dog- it is assumed he just has bad leash manners. No, he is trying to avoid close proximity to the other dog. However, he is being forced back in close proximity to the other dog. Your dog is actually doing the right thing here; he is avoiding close contact rather than trying to show aggression. This still is not working. If he finds that trying to create distance doesn't work.. Your dog may go on to show more dramatic behaviour in an effort to avoid dogs until he finds a successful strategy. 

Exposure therapy only works if the subject is not experiencing any fear when exposed and is prepared to look at the stimulus.  It should never be used for social experiences. The more the dog continues to experience fear in exposure therapy (or in daily life) the deeper the neural pathway for that response becomes.

- So, when you are working on exposure therapy with your dog, ask yourself the question. Is my dog calm or is he actually shut-down? If  he is shut-down.. He is dealing with it...but not ever learning from it.

Want to have your dog walk with others? our professional advice first, and learn how to help your reactive dog under the control and the guidance of an aggression specialist behaviour consultant... then come along and join us working on the maintenance and progression of his skills.


See 'Cupar-Cam' footage of a past Group walk (walks are on-leash these days, footage is taken from a previous service) .

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