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Dog Training Services


MODERN CANINE COACHING   (does not include leash aggression or reactive dogs - see behaviour prices)

Daytime, Evenings & Weekends available within West Lothian
(We come to you)

Puppy Training  (Ask for a schedule)

Course of  3 sessions   (between 2 and 3 hours each)           £ 180

One -Time Puppy Session
ask for details                                                                         £ 90
allow 4 hours

1 hour session                                                                         £ 40

Adolescent & Adult Dog Training  (Ask for a schedule)

Course of  3 sessions   (between 2 and 3 hours each)           £ 180

1 hour top-up session                                                              £ 40


Real-life 1-2-1  RECALL SESSIONS                Was £ 60   Now £40

Daytimes and weekends available within West Lothian
(Eliburn Park/Dechmont Law)
Allow 2 hours 
Inc. whistle recall, distraction recalls (Coming back from other dogs) 
Prey/Chase behaviour or other difficult recalls 

Park Work session                                              Was £ 60   Now £40

Daytimes and weekends available within West Lothian
(Eliburn Park)
Allow 2 hours                                                                                                             
(Real-Life 1-2-1 on Lead manners, pulling on the lead.
Loose-lead & off -lead walking) distraction work,
Recall,  listening skills.. Manners



 ''A walk in the park''                                                           £ 30

1 hour, a private 1-2-1 working purely on walking skills
for those dogs that pull on the leash. Held in Murrayfield Park,
Blackburn, West Lothian
Daylight hours only
No reactive dogs - see below for reactive dog sessions.


Nope, we don't offer 'board & train'  but you can book us for a week ..a session a day for a week following either a
1/ training program or
2/ a behavioural program

A Training Week will cover basic obedience, park-work and manners, recall, listening,  distractions & duration work, distance work, confidence building .. 

A Behaviour Week will include a consultation,  behavioural assessment, a program set, demonstration and application tailored to the individual dogs needs... held in your home and locations suited to the needs of the program.

Sessions will vary in duration   
Available for West Lothian area only

Training week                                  £ 250
Behavioural  (moderate) week         £ 350
Aggression (severe) week                £ 450

Booking in advance is essential ..payment in full upon booking (50% refund for cancellations with 48 hrs notice)


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