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A course of 3 REAL LIFE TRAINING sessions tailored to your dogs needs, working in the home, setting the skills
the country-park, on leash and off leash skills, social skills...walking skills and recall manners around other dogs and park users.
& the town centre, public places skills, interaction and manners incorporating neutralisation to crowds, traffic, and sensory overload. 

Ask us for details and suitability


For Training Sessions    you can come to us

for a  1-2-1  Training Sessions held in Law Village  

For Puppy Training   Its usually better for the puppy if we do Home visits 

For Single training sessions   Allow 2 hours
We recommend 3 sessions and have a schedule that you can follow

Adolescent & Adult Dog 

 Allow 2 hours ..we can come to you or you can come to us, some sessions 
are held out in 'real life' chat to us about your needs

Real-life 1-2-1  Training             

Polkemmet Country Park 
Eliburn Park
Bathgate Town Centre
Greenhead Moss / Perchy Pond                         
Law Village                                                        

Allow 2 hours


We Are based in Law Village, Carluke and welcome you to join us, or
Adrianne can come out to you for coaching around the West Lothian area Carluke and Wishaw - typically along the A71/M8 Corridor 

(typically ML2   ML7  ML8  ML11
EH47  EH48  EH52  EH53  EH54  EH55)

Additional costs for house visits may apply ..   Beyond 30 mins travel time from ML8 5LN  (Google maps)


Nope, we don't offer 'board & train'  but you can book us for a week ..a session a day for a week following either a
1/ training program or
2/ a behavioural program

A Training Week will cover basic obedience, park-work and manners, recall, listening,  distractions & duration work, distance work, confidence building .. 

A Behaviour Week will include a consultation, behavioural assessment, a program set, demonstration and application tailored to the individual dogs needs... held in your home and locations suited to the needs of the program.

Sessions will vary in duration   

Booking in advance is essential ..payment in full upon booking (50% refund for cancellations with 48 hrs notice)


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What is the difference between Dog Training / Obedience classes, and a Behavioural Consultation?

Training is like learning how to drive a car - Behaviour is learning about how the car works.
You need to be be to handle a car in order to be safe amongst other road users - That's dog training,
However if the car isn't performing as it should, maybe dangerous or unpredictable, then you see a professional mechanic - regardless of cost, you have a moral duty and legal obligation to ensure that the car is roadworthy.

Obedience classes are typically held hourly once a week in a hall and cost around £50 for an 8 week period. 
Within classes, training essential basics, there might be an average of 15 dogs in attendance, meaning that with travel costs considered, the Trainer would make around £70 from the session.

Behaviour Consultations, depending on the area and the individual Behaviourist's charges, can cost anywhere between £80-£250 for the initial Assessment, lasting between 45 minutes to 3 hours based on the severity of the dog's problem.

This fee may seem expensive to you, but with this service comes so much more than a standardised class methodology.

​Assessments and consultations are tailored to your dog's individual needs and would include support material provided by the Behaviourist, after-care support, and a wealth of knowledge and experience on hand which is far superior to that of an Obedience trainer.

Considering an average fee of £150 for a 90 minute session with a Behaviour Consultant and factoring in the time spent for client support both before and after the consultation, travel costs and the research which goes into each individual case.. the reality is that the Behaviourist probably makes less money per hour (around £30 based on this example) than an Obedience Trainer, whilst providing a far richer service. 
The work dedicated to your dog may be an 8 hour day of which the visit may be only 3 hours of that.

Compare that to what you might pay to have your car serviced, garden tended to or house decorated and it starts to appear to be more than good value.

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