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Cynophobia (Fear of Dogs) Assistance Dogs & Child Safety

Cynophobia is a constant and often irrational fear of dogs.

A childhood trauma connected with a dog is the most common cause of developing a fear of dogs, such as being bitten or seeing somebody being attacked by a dog. It can be far more simple and be an exageration of overheard or seen media coverage 

People struggling with a fear of dogs may feel mild anxiety just seeing pictures of dogs or being in the presence of a dog - some may have a panic attack if they come into contact, Symptoms can include complete panic, hysteria, sweating, rapid heart rate, trembling, nausea, difficulty breathing or even a sudden need for the toilet and most often the need to move away or avoid an area where a dog might be.  It can be difficult for the cynophobe to form friendships or relationships with dog owners. Children may get teased or avoid friendships with other children who have dogs at home, their panic and fear can put them in dangerous situations, such as running into traffic.

At Pawmanagement we work on desensitisation and conditioning, ( just as we would a fearful dog,) Then gradual exposure therapy before a child actually comes into contact withone of our dogs. Depending on age, children will be given quizzes and links to dog safety websites and apps, Canine body language is discussed and demonstrated, Each child is watched very closely to see how they respond to various situations, when they see or come into contact with dogs and then the experience is adapted accordingly.  You will be with your child at all times, The children are always kept in their comfort zone - they are taught how to be safe around dogs, but also to have a healthy respect for dogs. Once we have spoken to them about their fears, we may ask if they would like to see or watch one of our dogs from a safe place while the dog may perform some tricks in time we will walk with the dog and the child can watch the behaviour, see the dog run and play, maybe hold the lead and generally form a bond, As sessions are taken, children are usually able to touch and brush dogs, walk dogs on a lead with us and have dogs running towards them and even call off-leash dogs towards them. Taking control and having knowledge gives children a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
Help with  Fears of Dogs (Cynophobia) for Adults & Children

Our dogs are highly trained, and have to pass a very strict temperament assessment before they are allowed to become a Cynophobic Assistance Dog.

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