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Behaviour Services

BEFORE YOU BOOK - Behaviour issue?  Sudden behaviour change?  Have you seen a vet?
By eliminating anything medical before treating the dogs behaviour we can then formulate a behaviour program for your dog.

Behaviour Consultation/Assessment - Booking a Consultant for a home visit
Visits Outside of West Lothian - additional fuel costs apply for each visit (50p per mile)

Daytimes and weekends available / Not available for evening appointments

Severe Problem Behaviour Assessment and Consultation                       £ 240

Allow 4 hours for the consultation
Session held within your home
iNCLUDES Basic Report / Admin
Program developed
Training necessary to follow the program 
Support by emailed details of a tailored program

The aggressive dog is defined by one who attacks..attempts to attack
or uses threats of attack directed at another individual human or canine.
Has a bite history.
Severe behavioural disorders / your dog has 'gone for'
attacked/bitten and injured either a person/people or another animal
 - visitors are unable to enter your home without you putting the
dog away - visitors are unable to approach your dog. 
Reactive to humans, Resource Guarding from humans. Multi-dog
household aggressions (injury/harm)
For clarity, we use the Dunbar Bite Scale

Follow on visit/meeting  (within 4 weeks)                                                 £ 60                            

Moderate Problem Behaviours Assessment and Consultation                  £ 190

Allow between 3 and 5 hours   
Session held within your home.
iNCLUDES Basic Report / Admin
Program developed
Training necessary to follow the program 
Support by emailed details of a tailored program
(Moderate and mild level disorders) Reactive / Fearful, Nervous,
Destructive, Timid, other dogs in the home, Separation Disorders,
Fears, Stress, Anxieties, Multi-dog household dynamics
Is able to be approached and handled by visitors. Inappropriate
toileting. Hyperactive, Travel issues, Incessant Barking/Howling,
Depression,Excessive licking, Changes in behaviour/demeanour.
Sound /Storm/ Noise sensitivity.  Inc. Reactive dog 
A reactive dog is a dog who responds to normal things in his
environment, with a higher than normal level of arousal and
intensity...panting, pacing, whining, barking, lunging, hyper-vigilant,
restless and having difficulty responding to his owner - even to
well known commands like 'sit'

Follow on visit if necessary                                                                        £ 60


Nope, we don't offer 'board & train'  but you can book us for a week ..a session a day for a week following either a
1/ training program or
2/ a behavioural program

A Training Week will cover basic obedience, park-work and manners, recall, listening,  distractions & duration work, distance work, confidence building .. 

A Behaviour Week will include a consultation,  behavioural assessment, a program set, demonstration and application tailored to the individual dogs needs... held in your home and locations suited to the needs of the program.

Sessions will vary in duration
Available for West Lothian area only

Training week                              £ 250
Behavioural  (moderate) week     £ 350
Aggression  (severe) week           £ 450

Booking in advance is essential ..payment in full upon booking (50% refund for cancellations with 48 hrs notice)

 Leash reactive / leash frustration                          Special Offer Was £ 70    Now £50

2 hours
Session held outdoors within West Lothian
''my dog can't be near other dogs, but he is ok with dogs he knows''
''He needs to be on leash and I worry if an off-leash dog approaches us.''
''He seems to be ok with other dogs when he's off the lead''

(note if your dog has ever attacked and caused injury to another see
Severe Problem Behaviour Assessment and Consultation)

Ellie -Staffie
April 2017

see our testimonials page for more.

Plan B  - Reactive dogs                                  Special Offer Was £ 70   Now £50

2 hours                                                                                          
Many dogs progress well with excellent results to a desensitisation
& counter conditioning program put in place and tailored towards
your dog behaviour  - a handful seem to make masses of improvement
but just cant seem to get there at the final hurdle - often it is dogs of
whom have a very interchangeable thresholds or are actually in a habit
of using their proven behaviour patterns. 

A Plan B session may be what you need here .

It can also be used to help other anxiety
driven behaviours, fear of things, terror, frustration and over excitement
including some chase behaviours.
Plan B program is not suitable for all dogs, so let us discuss this first

'Frustrated Greeters..'                                    Special Offer  Was £ 70   Now £50

2 hours

Session held outdoors within West Lothian
Not all reactive dogs are fearful, some dogs that react to seeing
other dogs and people are just so excited when they see the target
that they get all worked up into a frenzy - known as ' frustrated greeters'
The frenzy can escalate until the dog is out of its own control, the
combination of emotional arousal and frustration - (often restraint,)
 motivates the dog to lunge and bark.
Often these dogs will redirect their frenzy onto a nearby known dog
 ..a calmer easy target on which they can use biting, ragging or humping
behaviours. After prolonged times of this frustration, some dogs
will become aggressive and will one day take it out on the nearest
target at the time... nip it in the bud with a 'frustrated greeters' session.

Stooge Dog Session
Meet & Greets
On lead Controlled
Off leash Controlled
Maintenance and Progression work                          1 - 2 Hours  £30
(available after leash reactive/frustrated
or frustrated greeters session)

Trust building & Confidence Building 
Sessions within your home and garden or a local park in trust snd confidence building 
Ideal for dogs lacking in confidence ..recently rehomed,  attacked, with general timid or nervous behaviours.
2 hour session   £50

Telephone / media correspondence consultations

requires video footage, short-term profile questionnaire,
historic and detailed behavioural questionnaire.
includes support via email/phone/messages etc.

                                                                                                   Initial payment £ 40
Subsequent consultations £25 (60 mins)
Consultation calls are made by appointment only 
Payment to be made prior to consultation by paypal

Further services are available See our Other Services page

Can you claim on your insurance?
... with some behaviour consultants, this is possible - speak to your vet about referral to one of them - We however, do not work with insurance companies, hence why our assessments are less than £250, as opposed to the £500 mark that other good professionals in the industry charge,

We Are based in West Lothian and Adrianne will come out to you for coaching around the West Lothian area and Deborah is available for Wishaw and Motherwell
.. we can work in agreed venues where we can work out of doors.. we often work at Almondell and Calderwood Country park, Polkemmet Country Park, Bangour Village Hospital, Eliburn Park or Dechmont Hills in Livingston .

When we are with a client, we don't answer calls, so its best to contact us by some
form of message - we endeavour to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours

Text  07787 402 759

We do not offer an hourly behaviour service - to work in canine psychotherapy, to get to the root of the problem, to set a program tailored to your dog and to enable us to support you fully with aftercare we need to really get to know you, your circumstances and your dog..a historic profile etc..  to do this professionally takes time, a one hour appointment would not scratch the surface to do you or your dog justice.

Upon enquiring you will be sent a behavioural traits/temperament test questionaire to return to us. An appointment will be made during which a behavioural analysis (historic profile) will be taken during the consultation and assessment of  behavioural issues.Your dogs behaviour will be explained. A program will be put into place, discussed and demonstrated
In some cases a later follow up progression session may be required for high level disorders, and will be booked at the end of the assessment. In the follow up session we progress the program /proof behaviours and demonstrate futher how to maintain the new behaviours.

Anything that causes worry for safety of other beings such as aggression issues are classed as behavioural issues and include leash frustration/reactivity Aftercare support is given by email /messages and phone support whenever you need and further sessions can be purchased in any of our services.

3rd Party Written Reports can be requested.. see other services

What to expect from a behaviour consultation and assessment.
The behaviour consultation usually lasts for at least three hours at your home during which we will take a detailed assessment and will want to try to see the behaviour problem although we won't provoke a response, only to see what behaviour may normally be experienced in a given situation. All information given is treated with client confidentiality.

It is HIGHLY ADVISED BY ALL PROFESSIONALS that most behavioural problems are seen within the home

A session may involve going out on a walk with you, or arranging for someone to come around that your dog usually demonstrates the behaviour with/for A profile/assessment will be taken and we will start to form a program that we can discuss and change accordingly to your needs or your dogs needs.

We will explain fully what is motivating the behaviour  It may be that your dog will need some skills putting in place in order to follow the program, this will be done during the first visit. A follow up visit may be booked in which we will have a clear and understandable program of coaching designed to help you through the problems you are having with your dog...this will be discussed and worked on together...we may need to work outside of your home and may require assistance from sources such as stooge dogs / decoy dogs / decoy children / events etc..

These often need to be booked and paid for in advance...we cover all costs. If you then decide that you would like further visits to progress - some clients find that they lack confidence in their own ability and the support at this time can really help with the 'real world' happenings and how to handle can choose from the other services
that we offer at this point.

Our canine coaching methods are science-based, reward based, kind, safe and ethological, SEE OUR QUALIFICATIONS - They are intimidation free, encourage the bond between you and your dog to build and we also practice 'choice-training'. We use Positive Reinforcement and have fun...our training will not change your dog’s personality

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